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Tunnel Storage Tank

Tunnel Storage Tank

 The Tunnel Storage Tank is a strong and durable tank designed to store all your hot water produced by the Tunnel Kuni Booster.

    • Product Information

      Insulated Storage

      For energy saving and more efficient use of your hot water system, choose our Tunnel Insulated Storage Tank designed to keep your water hot for up to 24 hours.


      Non-insulated Storage

      If you prefer a lighter option, or if you think insulation is unnecessary, choose our non-insulated Tunnel Storage Tank.


      Our Tunnel Storage Tanks will maximize the efficiency of your Tunnel Kuni Booster by providing the right amount of storage according to the size of your Tunnel Kuni Booster, or depending on your domestic hot water needs; we can provide from 50L up to 400L of storage. Contact us for any advice about which Tunnel Storage Tank and Tunnel Kuni Booster should be used together (or see Tables below for Capacities).


      Before purchasing, contact us for advice and more information


      More benefits include:

      - Save even more on your bills by a); storing all your hot water for up to 24 hours, and b); using less fuel to reheat the water

      - More environmentally friendly

      - Our Tunnel Storage Tanks are made with galvanised steel for tough, longer lasting storage

      - Made in 5 different sizes, Insulated or Non-insulated, from 50L up to 400L

    • Storage Capacities


      Product Storage Capacity (L) Dimensions (")
      No.1 Non-insulated 50 H36 x D12
      No.1 Insulated 50 H40 x D17
      No.2 Non-insulated 100 H36 x D15
      No.2 Insulated 100 H40 x D21
      No.3 Non-insulated 150 H36 x D19
      No.3 Insulated 150 H40 x D26
      No.4 Non-insulated 200 H36 x D22
      No.4 Insulated 200 H40 x D29

      No.5 Non-insulated

      400 H36 x D29
      No.5 Insulated 400 H40 x D32
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