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Tunnel Steam Sterilizer

Tunnel Steam Sterilizer

Our Tunnel Steam Sterilizer uses a Tunnel Kuni Booster to heat water to create steam to clean your milk churns and other utensils after use.

  • Product Information

    To clean and sterilize your milk churns/other utensils using our Tunnel Steam Sterilizer, the items are placed upside down on the table provided, over the protruding open pipe. Steam is released out of this pipe and is exceptionally reliable for killing any bacteria inside the milk churns/utensils. This process occurs within a few minutes and is far more economical than buying imported chemicals.  This system is normally used as a stand-alone system; however, it can also be integrated with our Tunnel Pasteurizer (contact us for more information).


    Before purchasing, contact us for advice and more information.

    After purchasing, see Installation Instructions on Downloads page.


    More benefits include:

    - The most efficient steam boiler

    - Takes only a few minutes of steaming to kill any bacteria in the milk churns/utensils

    - Eliminates any possible unpleasant taints from chemicals in your dairy products

    - Steam can be produced in under 10 minutes with the right combustible material in the Tunnel Kuni Booster

    - Uses only small amounts of combustible material

    - Improves local produce by reducing contaminated/downgraded or sour milk and cream

    - Increased opportunities in the market for small scale farmers

    - Supports our local economy

    - Awarded the Silver Shield at 25th Anniversary Celebrations

  • Product Capacity


    Product No. Included

    Water Control Valve

    No.1 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    1 Stand (for 1 Milk Churn 50L)


    Water Control Valve

    No.2 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    2 Stands


    Water Control Valve

    No.3 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    3 Stands


    Water Control Valve

    No.4 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    4 Stands

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