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Tunnel Safari Heater

Tunnel Safari Heater

The Tunnel Safari Heater is an extremely efficient mobile water heater, also designed to burn any combustible waste/material to heat water for showers or washing, particularly when on “safari”, but can also be very useful for labourers at home or on the farm.

  • Product Information

    Are you tired of using large amounts of firewood and waiting for several hours to heat your water on safari? The Tunnel Safari Heater uses small amounts of combustible material (dry twigs are perfect) to heat up to 90L in a matter of minutes, whilst also being able to boil a kettle with an adaptor placed at the top. Get rid of those old oil drums and switch to the Tunnel Safari Heater today!


    Before purchasing, contact us for advice and more information.


    More benefits include:

    - Without doubt the most efficient mobile water boiler

    - Capacities of 30L, 60L and 90L

    - Easy to use – No tap, no plumbing, pour in cold, pour out hot!

    - Burns any combustible material/waste with maximum efficiency, using much less fuel than conventional methods

    - Heats water in minutes

    - Made from galvanized steel

    - Complete with a kettle adaptor

    - Robust, portable, and long lasting – use to carry water on safari

    - Folding handles makes it easy to pack

    - Use for the workforce and limit your water usage

    - Made locally by our family run business for over 60 years

  • Heating Capacity and Dimensions

    Product No. Heating Capacity (L) Dimensions
    No.1 30L W15" x H22"
    No.2 60L W15" x H33"
    No.3 90L W18" x H33"


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