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Tunnel Pasteurizer

Tunnel Pasteurizer

A Tunnel Pasteurizer uses our Tunnel Kuni Booster to heat water in specially designed steel containers, in which your ordinary 50L milk churns are placed for pasteurization.

  • Product Information

    With the Tunnel Pasteurizer, it takes approximately 30 minutes to heat the milk to a temperature of 80°C. Pasteurization is complete after holding this temperature for 30 minutes. 


    Our systems can hold between 50 to 200 Litres of milk (1 to 4 milk churns) and a sterilization system can be integrated for more efficient cleaning of utensils (See our Tunnel Steam Sterilizer on Product page).


    Before purchasing, contact us for advice and more information.

    After purchasing, see Installation Instructions on Downloads page.


    Other benefits include:

    - With Kenya’s ban on supply of raw milk, our product provides market opportunities to small scale dairy farmers who do not have access to larger, more expensive, imported pasteurizers

    - Decreases the supply of contaminated milk in the market

    - Reduces the number unhygienic practices

    - Supports and boosts our local economy

    - Affordable, simple yet durable and efficient local technology

    - Electricity-free, only combustible waste/material used

    - Over 60 years of production

  • Capacity and Dimensions

    Product No. Included Capacity (L) Dimensions (Inches)

    No.1 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    1 Pasteuriser Container

    1 Milk Churn (50L) H22.5" x D24"

    No.2 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    2 Pasteuriser Containers

    2 Milk Churns W24" x L44" x H22.5"

    No.3 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    3 Pasteuriser Containers

    3 Milk Churns W44" x L44" x H22.5"

    No.4 Tunnel Kuni Booster

    4 Pasteuriser Containers

    4 Milk Churns W44" x L44" x H22.5"


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