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Tunnel Kuni Booster

Tunnel Kuni Booster

The Tunnel Kuni Booster is a highly efficient water heater, designed for burning any combustible waste/material, converting it to hot water in minutes. 

  • Product Information

    For your home:

    Connect our Tunnel Kuni Booster to a storage facility to store your hot water:

    - Connect to one of our Tunnel Storage Tanks, which are suited to the heating capacities (see table below)

    - Modify an old oil drum for 100L or 200L capacity

    - Connect directly to an immersion heater cylinder

    - Connect to an existing solar heating system, “boosting” your hot water on cold, cloudy days when solar energy is low

    - Note that a storage facility is extremely necessary when installing a Tunnel Kuni Booster; it MUST NOT be connected directly to pipes supplying water to your bathroom/kitchen etc. 

    - Choose LL (galvanised) option for use with impurified borehole water

    - Tunnel Kuni Boosters can withstand pressures of up to 40ft head 

    - Before purchasing, contact us for advice and more information

    - After purchasing, see Installation Instructions on Downloads page

    Tunnel Kuni Boosters No.1 and No.2 are the most common for domestic use (see Heating Capacity).


    For pasteurizing milk:

    See Tunnel Pasteurizer on the Product page.  

    To use as a steam boiler:

    See Tunnel Steam Sterilizer on the Product page.


    More benefits include:

    - The Tunnel Kuni Booster is the best and most efficient water boiler

    - Effectively reduce your electricity bills (payback period of approx. 10 months)

    - Use up any combustible waste, fuel consumption is less than half of any conventional boiler

    - Original design; tried and tested since 1960s

    - Uniquely designed for maximum use of heat generated

    - Draw off enough hot water for a bath in less than 20 minutes

    - 6 different sizes to suit your needs from 20L to 2000L

    - We offer galvanized options for use with borehole water

    - Minimal damage from ash corrosion

    - Thousands sold throughout East Africa

    - Winner of the International Millennium Gold Award in 2000, Madrid, Spain

    - Minimum 5 Years lifetime if set up correctly

  • Heating Capacity

    Product Number Heating Capacity (L) Dimensions (Inches)
    No.1 Tunnel Kuni Booster 20-100L W14" x L24" x H22"
    No.2 Tunnel Kuni Booster 200-400L W18" x L36" x H22"
    No.3 Tunnel Kuni Booster 500L W34" x L36" x H30"
    No.4 Tunnel Kuni Booster 1000L W29" x L48" x H38"
    No.5 Tunnel Kuni Booster 1500L W36" x L60" x H48"
    No.6 Tunnel Kuni Booster 2000L W48" x L72" x H52"
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