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Hutchinson Methane Plant MKIV

Hutchinson Methane Plant MKIV

The Hutchinson Methane Plant MKIV is a sturdy but simple unit, designed to anaerobically digest your green waste and any available animal manure, to provide extremely rich organic fertilizer and biogas for cooking.

  • Product Information

     The Hutchinson Methane Plant MKIV is for anyone who has access to green organic waste and any livestock manure. It works on a “batch” principle, being refilled approximately every 8 weeks; after which it is mostly emptied and recharged with fresh organic waste (a little should be left to enhance the breakdown of new waste). The removed organic slurry should be mixed into your soil immediately.


    Before purchasing, contact us for advice and more information.


    More benefits include:

    - A single Hutchinson Methane Plant MKIV is sufficient for 1 acre per year

    - We recommended connecting 2, ideally 3, or more of these plants for a more continuous supply of organic fertilizer and a more even supply of Biogas for cooking

    - It is supplied with a 2-Burner Cooker, which may use up to 30 cubic feet of gas per hour, so one must use it wisely

    - Why buy imported, plastic models? The Hutchinson Methane Plant MKIV is manufactured locally

    - Extremely low, if not NO maintenance; built using galvanized steel, these plants will last a lifetime; the Plant pictured above is the first of its kind, built in 1954 by the founder, and is still operating today having had nothing replaced

    - Buy from Tunnel Energy Ltd and support our local economy

    - Convert all your FREE green waste and save yourself the cost of fertilizer and gas

    - Renewable energy

    - No building required – simply level the ground, though emptying and refilling the plant may be easier if it is lowered into the ground

    - Easy installation

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